Ray Lyn

Rachel Lynn Kelvington (aka Ray Lyn) was born on October 14 1988 in Pittsburgh ,Pa. Being raised around all of her male cousins Rachel was and still is a tom boy. She wanted to do every thing her cousins did and didn’t care if the other girls weren’t doing it. At age four Her mom enrolled her in martial arts. she excelled quickly and received her black belt at age 10. After getting her black belt she decided to try something new and started kick boxing. She always had been very intruiged by professional wrestling and remebers having wrestling matches with her cousins in her grandmas basement on holidays. The high school years were rough and Rachel lost intrest in sports. After HIgh School Rachel went to cosmotology school but was never satisfied with doing hair and always felt it wasn’t what she was ment to do. She always told her dad, mom and step father she was going to be a professional wrestler someday. They brushed it off thinking she was full of it and would never actually do it. On October 30 2012 Rachel Father Passed away at age 50. This made her relise life is to short to not be prusuing her dreams of becoming a Professinal wrestler. She started hitting the gym hard and putting everything she had into getting into wrestling shape. She left Pittsburgh and moved to louisville Ky to live her dream and start training at Ohio Valley Wrestling. She changed her whole life and gave up everything she knew to pursue her dream! While training at OVW she meet someone with a passion for life and wresling that matched hers, Dylan Bostic! They now tour the world together wrestling where ever the road takes them.

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